When depositing funds into a sale you will enter the list with a certain amount of points based on your wallet's behavior in previous sales. You may lose your spot in the list to other participants with higher scores (points) and/or TGL holdings. There is a limited amount of slots available in each presale.
We are working on a new feature, which will enable you to update the number of your TGL holdings at the time of deposit. This will allow you to move up the list if there are other participants with the same points amount as your address and overtake them.
Deposits are sorted using the following algorithm:
  1. 1.
    Points accumulated in the last sale the wallet participated in (high to low)
  2. 2.
    TGL holdings (high to low)
  3. 3.
    Time of deposit (older to newer)
Points are always accumulated from the last sale the wallet participated in. You can track your current points amount on your profile page.
After the sale closes, you will be able to reclaim your deposited amount if you are not part of the final list. A reclaim button will appear on the sale page.
Note: You can only participate in the sale if you hold a minimum of 100,000 TGL tokens. Make sure you have the desired amount of sale tokens in your wallet. Your final position in the sale depends on several factors, including the score and TGL holdings of other participants. If you do not qualify for the final list after the sale closes, you will be able to redeem your deposit.