The platform is currently in development. Once the first release is available for public use, this documentation will be updated to introduce it's features to users.

Technical Breakdown

Projects that want to launch on the TGL platform are vetted by our team and once approved are invited to present thorough documentation and media about the project itself. This information is collected so that it may be shown on the dashboard & project pages on the TGL launchpad.
Once sale details are finalized with the project team (such as total raise, min/max allocation, purchase token, sale start, sale duration, vesting & distribution of liquidity), our main launchpad contract is updated with the presale information, so that it may collect funds once the time comes.
At the presale start, the frontend and smart contract are synchronized so that deposits may begin. Any user holding at least 100,000 TGL can use the interface to deposit purchase tokens into the sale. Users with higher scores (points) and secondly higher TGL holdings will hold priority. Once a deposit is confirmed by the blockchain, it may take a minute or two to display on the frontend, but don’t worry – your place in the queue is going to be correctly registered.
While the presale is ongoing new users that have TGL holdings can deposit funds and based on the total allocation of the sale, there will only be a limited number of slots available. This means that certain users will move out of the queue if enough users with better scores (points) and/or TGL holdings enter the sale. It is important to note that the primary factor is the points system – thus whales do not have leverage over smaller traders. In the end, what matters is whether you are a responsible investor. Please check the documentation on our website to learn how the points system works.
Users that are excluded from the list (“queue”) will be able to reclaim their contribution after the sale closes, and their funds will be stored securely in the contract until that time.
After the presale closes a finalized list of contributors will be formed and their total allocation (equal to the total raise if sold out successfully) will be stored in the smart contract and/or a secure multi-sig wallet with multi-party signing policy controlled by trusted TGL foundation members. The funds will be kept there and distributed into initial liquidity once the project is ready to launch. This will happen at the same time as project tokens are sent to presale contributors (either fully un-vested or the initial distribution at TGE).
Once the project tokens start to trade, our backend systems will track the behavior of presale contributions. According to the rules laid out in our documentation, they will register transfer events of wallets from investors. Based on on-chain data, it will deduce whether the tokens have been sold and/or transferred out and update the user’s score according to the points system schedule. This score will be registered in our system’s off-chain database and will directly impact the user’s ability to join the next launchpad project.
Users that hold more than 500,000 TGL tokens are so-called “VIP” members and have a bonus applied to their current number of points once joining a sale. Additionally, users that have attained the maximum number of points (30) can buy “boosters” which will allow them to receive bonus points. Proceeds from these sales will be burned, thus making the supply deflationary.