Why investors like us?

New investors dumping entire bag minutes after launch
Opt-in to vetted new projects, knowing that, if you get on 'The Guest List', you are surrounded by like minded diamond hand investors.
Increased chance of making big profits.
Unable to properly vet contracts and projects
Utilize our gate-keeping tech, our partners contract vetting tech and, importantly, have more peace of mind they are SAFE.
Much lower chance of being rugged.
Difficulty finding most profitable gems
Check out the best new pre-sales on our website instead of being overwhelmed by the sheer number of scammy launches or "buying the top" after an influencer shills.
Don’t need "alpha" or to be popular on social media to be first in line to the best new projects.
No reward for being loyal to certain project
Earn a high score on our TGL platform to be invited into exclusive and hot new launches so YOU beat the crowd.
Limited groundwork to be applied.

Why new projects like us?

New Investors dumping and disappearing straight after launch
Invite ONLY data backed DIAMOND HANDS into your project's pre-sale to improve your chance of a successful launch.
Much higher chance of beautiful, clean looking chart at launch so future investors more inclined to buy in.
Finding higher credibility of investors
Use our gate-keeping technology to help new investors feel confident they are investing into a credible project.
Larger investments and more trust.
Creating a strong community engagement
List your project on 'The Guest List' platform and start your engagement with official shout outs on all our socials as well.
Increased exposure.