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Linking the best new projects to solid investors.
The Guest List (TGL) is a new platform that aims to overhaul the “shitcoin” space by linking top-quality start-up projects with higher quality investors.
Our custom-built blockchain technology tracks users’ on-chain behaviour and produces a scoring system that - if high enough - gives said users the option to buy into the private sales of the biggest new crypto launches available.
The higher your score, the more access you get to the best private sales – the lower your score, SORRY you’re not getting on “The Guest List.”
Connecting the best new projects to solid “diamond hand” investors.
A match made in crypto heaven.


  • Supply quality investors to crypto start-ups
  • Supply quality projects to ‘diamond hand’ investors
  • Clean-up ‘shitcoin’ space
  • Simplify investment choices
  • Become ‘go-to platform’ for GRADE A launches
  • Provide safer place to find ‘next big thing’
  • Build solid community to help investors that deserve to ‘make it’

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